Commercials, Green Walls, Public Art

Green Walls

It is a well-known fact that the inclusion of plants and greenery in our everyday spaces makes for a healthier and less stressful environment. Have you thought about including plants with your screening ? Create your own green façade or use our Green Pods (available in many colours) to add plants to your home/work life. Insert image as per attached , with “click here” which will link them to the before and afters page.

Commercial Projects / Public Art

Inexpensive yet impressive ways to dress up or add an edge to your building design. Façade, signage, awnings , entry and courtyard features. Make your commercial site a landmark. The use of screens as wall art adds the wow factor to waiting rooms, restaurant walls & large public spaces.

Choose and click the thumbnail images below to see the preview of the design.

  • Temple Screen

    Temple Screen

  • Oriental Design 3

    Oriental Design 3

  • Oriental Design 4

    Oriental Design 4

  • Streets of Rome

    Streets of Rome

  • Oriental Design 2

    Oriental Design 2

  • Middle Eastern Arabesque

    Middle Eastern Arabesque

  • Frangipani 3

    Frangipani 3

  • Bunker Art

    Bunker Art

  • Leaves


  • Bird Panel

    Bird Panel

  • Anna's Screen

    Anna's Screen

  • Lace Pattern 3

    Lace Pattern 3

  • Eden Leaf

    Eden Leaf

  • Bathers Pavillion

    Bathers Pavillion

  • Bamboo Panel

    Bamboo Panel

  • Birds 2

    Birds 2

  • Half Circles

    Half Circles

  • Half Circles 2

    Half Circles 2

  • Half Circles 3

    Half Circles 3

  • Stella


  • Oriental Design 1

    Oriental Design 1

  • Tree of Life

    Tree of Life

  • Tree of Life 2

    Tree of Life 2

  • Tree of Life 3

    Tree of Life 3

  • Watermark


  • Ribbons


  • Squares


  • Squares Art Deco

    Squares Art Deco

  • Squares-2


  • Branches-2


  • Branches


  • Freedom


  • Freedom-2


  • Tangled


  • Vines-2


  • Watermark-2


  • Wilderness