Privacy Screens

We can provide custom privacy screen. Our laser cut privacy screens come in a variety of colours and design, all privacy screen are designed and manufactured to suit each projects requirements. Many of our decorative privacy screens are built to include framing, post or pre drilled holes for fitting off, so DIY installation is made easy. We are also happy to assist with installation.

Choose and click the thumbnail images below to see the preview of the design.

  • Temple Screen

    Temple Screen

  • Oriental Design 3

    Oriental Design 3

  • Oriental Design 4

    Oriental Design 4

  • Streets of Rome

    Streets of Rome

  • Oriental Design 2

    Oriental Design 2

  • Middle Eastern Arabesque

    Middle Eastern Arabesque

  • Frangipani 3

    Frangipani 3

  • Bunker Art

    Bunker Art

  • Leaves


  • Bird Panel

    Bird Panel

  • Anna's Screen

    Anna's Screen

  • Lace Pattern 3

    Lace Pattern 3

  • Eden Leaf

    Eden Leaf

  • Bathers Pavillion

    Bathers Pavillion

  • Bamboo Panel

    Bamboo Panel

  • Birds 2

    Birds 2

  • Half Circles

    Half Circles

  • Half Circles 2

    Half Circles 2

  • Half Circles 3

    Half Circles 3

  • Stella


  • Oriental Design 1

    Oriental Design 1

  • Tree of Life

    Tree of Life

  • Tree of Life 2

    Tree of Life 2

  • Tree of Life 3

    Tree of Life 3

  • Watermark


  • Ribbons


  • Squares


  • Squares Art Deco

    Squares Art Deco

  • Squares-2


  • Branches-2


  • Branches


  • Freedom


  • Freedom-2


  • Tangled


  • Vines-2


  • Watermark-2


  • Wilderness


Decorative Privacy Screens:
Smart Solutions For Jazzing Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Is your backyard or alfresco area your sanctuary whilst at home and is it private? The last thing you want to be focusing on when you are enjoying time-out in the garden is a boring blank wall, a dull fence or neighbours peering into your backyard. Transform your space instantly with our stunning range of Decorative Privacy Screens.

Decorative Screens specialize in the custom design and manufacturing of laser cut screens for residential and professional projects.

Most homeowners who value their privacy invest in many ways to conceal their property without affecting its original aesthetic. One way is to use Decorative Privacy Screens to accent your home.

The choice when it comes to screens is huge. Aluminum screens are great for gardens, courtyards and outdoor dining areas. Our multi-functional Decorative Privacy Screens are the perfect solution for interior and exterior privacy screens, decorative patio/garden screens, shade screens, room dividers and feature panels.

Let’s first understand the purpose and the idea of privacy screens:

Types of privacy screens:

At Decorative Screens, we can customize the privacy screen, depending on your design ideas, budget, placement choices, requirements and choice of material. Our customized laser cut decorative screen can give you the perfect design statement for your interiors or exteriors.

Our privacy screens are tailored to include framing and fitting, with post or pre drilled holes, so DIY installation is made easy. In addition to a range of flexible screen designs in multiple sizes, materials and colors, Decorative Screens also offers a range of framing and installation options.